MSM_LOGO1a    The preservation of our Youth for HUMANITY!


My name is Karen Clarke; I created The Flint P. Fleming Jr., Arts Foundation, d.b.a. “My Son Matters.”

My son died by Violence from a Single Gun Shoot during Winter 2010.  As time pasted, it became clear to me what I should be doing with my life that the Creator gave me, My PURPOSE.  I realized more and more with every growing moment that our SONs are dying everyday; they cycle in and out of jail, our youth are discarded, and thrown away as garbage.  These young men and women are my/our sons and daughters and if we do not make a difference then we are apart of the problem.  This life changing experience gave birth to a new family, other mothers whose children died by violence.  My prayers are for all of the mothers; we are the vessel, we are the storehouse of LIFE. We love unconditionally; we are the foundation of HUMANITY.  Be uplifted at all times.  Be prayerful at all TIMES.  We pray together for the strength of our CHILDREN. I have a vested interest in this cause.

This tragedy has changed my life forever. When I was informed of my son’s death, I would see his face on other young men.  I would stop and look for him, I would say to my daughter;  “was that him.” .”    I wrote this poem for him: Faces of You -   My journey has begun; “My Son Matters,”

I am supporting the cause of the Youth Movement “SAVING HUMANITY

“My Son Matters” are building relationships with other Private, Non-Profit Organizations and Municipalities to encourage and promote the preservation of our youth for Humanity.





 I am the Host, Producer and Creator for Caribbean Melange Radio – It currently airs on WIGO  - AM – 1570 – The Light.

 For the past several years, I was the Co-Host  and Field Producer for Caribbean Report Programme - PeopleTV- 24 Atlanta, ATLANTA, GA.

My mission is to promote a better quality of life. This has directed me opportunities such as; working and volunteering my creative energy and talent in environmental and civil/humanitarian causes such as the preservation and sustainability on our Planet. The Associations which I have been involved with is the Klondike Area Civic Association, Inc., their initiative is mainly focused on maintaining SMART GROWTH development in the Community, The Arabian Mountain Heritage Area Alliance, their mission is to ensure that the recreational, natural and historical resources of Arabia Mountain and its environs are protected, connected by greenway corridors and well managed to provide citizens and future generations the opportunity to enjoy this magnificent feature of Georgia's heritage, The Cathedral at Chapel Hill – OVERCOMERS Ministry, their objective is to provide support groups, counseling, referrals and education.  There are specific programs for children, teens and adults – all in pursuit of healthy lifestyles and relationships, The Amherst Downs – Homeowners Association, Inc., Vice-President and Community Newsletter Editor in 2002/2003, the HOA’s focus is to empower each member with opportunities to better family lifestyles and to bridge the gap from school to community, which will foster successful youths in the community.  The Trinidad and Tobago Association of GA, Inc., One of the founding members of the association, facilitated in the Strategic Planning Committee and I was the Membership Committee Chairperson. I am currently the Youth Officer on the Board.  I am also a board member of The Atlanta Port of Spain Sister City Committee, the purpose is to develop, promote and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, between both cities (Atlanta and Port of Spain), through educational, cultural, civic and economic activities.


Klondike Area Civic Association, Inc.,

Arabian Mountain Heritage Area Alliance

Cathedral at Chapel Hill – OVERCOMERS Ministry

The Cathedral at Chapel Hill – Prison Ministry

Amherst Downs – Homeowners Association, Inc

Trinidad and Tobago Association of GA, Inc – Youth Officer

Atlanta Port of Spain Sister City Committee – Public Relations Officer

Global Health and Humanitarian Summit 2011

Sponsor: Unitar; United Nations Institute for Training and Research -Atlanta Sister Cities Global Economic Development Partnership Forum: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – 2010

United States Census 2010 – Thank you “ as a valued partner and offers appreciation for our support in raising awareness of and inspiring participation in the 2010 Census.”