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The Legacy


legacy• Flint P. Fleming Jr. died unexpectedly in the winter of 2010, he left behind a gift and a promise that he want to share with the world. He constantly converse with his family about his concerns regarding peace, love and kindness.   Flint was always helping others, never judging, but a simple humble young man.  His legacy is his dream of becoming an artist and sharing that love with others. In honor of Flint P. Fleming Jr. his grandmothers wish was to start a foundation, as a result his mother created the foundation dedicated to the advancement of the arts. We are spiritual beings full of joy and the appreciation of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. These elements are needed for our growth to elevate each other, and maintain a harmonious earthly life.

• Today we are being faced with the budgetary cuts and therefore resulting in the elimination of various art expressions, and sports in schools.  We are creative being, eliminating these forms of expression will further manifest itself into less compassionate human beings.  

• The Flint P. Fleming Jr. Arts Foundation will keep The Arts alive by exposing unprivileged children to our global communities, which will foster the exchange of international relationships.  The Arts are a very important element of our Culture and this Foundation is dedicated in preserving the essence of our humanity The Arts.