99 Reasons


99 Reasons To Help


  1. Join www.mysonmatters.org

  2. Help military families

  3. Open a mind

  4. Feed a community

  5. Conserve natural resources

  6. Feel warm inside

  7. Restore dignity

  8. Inspire a healthier generation

  9. Sleep better

10. Promote adult literacy

11. Raise cancer survival rates

12. Shop with locally owned businesses, saving time and money

13. Find positive aspects of your community share with other people

14. Attend a local festival or other event

15. Write a letter to local elected officials encouraging them for making good  

       decisions for the community

16. A potted plant on your front porch

17. Look for opportunities to give in your community

18. Vote

19. Encourage your employer to sponsor local events, join a civic organization or 

       allow employees    to volunteer during work hours

20. To overcome a loss you have experienced

21. To gain perspective on life

22. To beat boredom

23. To learn about an activity or organization that interests you

24 ………. YOU FINISH IT!  .....25   ......26   :-)

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