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Salsera Divafest Date: March 12, 2011

Location: 800 Miami Circle, Atlanta, GA

Time: 4pm -5pm

"Divafying Yourself" "Be bold, beautiful and unafraid to be creative" Karen Clarke is dynamic spirited Caribbean woman. Devoted in spreadin the Diverse Caribbean Culture and the unifying links Globally, reflecting we as one people. As a community activist and motivational speaker, Karen has given back to the community many a times. www.jobybrava.com


Global Health and Humanitarian Summit - 2011

Date: April 1, 2010

Location: Emory University Time: 5pm

- "Evolution Rappers" Flint P. Fleming Jr.Arts Foundation, Inc. d.b.a. "My Son Matters" - Creator of Caribbean Melange Radio to promote culture infusionism and recognize that self-hate manifests into outward conflict with others. "Evolutions Rappers" Conscious innovative young people speak out through music, song, dance, and spoken word. www.globalhumanitariansummit.org