Special Interest


MSM_LOGO1aThe Special Interests on four areas identified as deficiencies in our community. The movement's approach to provide greater advocacy and supporting parents gaining access to community based services. The following are the four key movement’s areas:


Health & Well Being (Mental Health)

  • Black males have the worst health status of any other race-sex group.
  • Black males have the second lowest life expectancy at birth second only to Native American men.
  • Black males have the highest death rate from all causes and the highest death rates from cancer, cardiovascular disease & homicides.
  • Black male have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections.

Educational Support & Advocacy

  • Black males account for 8.62% of total enrollment in the nation's elementary and secondary schools, but account for 21.69% of total expulsions.
  • Forty-two percent of all Black boys have failed an entire grade at least once.
  • The national average high school graduation rate for Black boys is 47%.

Financial Literacy (African American Community)

  • Nearly six of 10 children living with only their mother were near (or below) the poverty line.
  • Of the 19 million children of single parents, two thirds live in rented homes.

Reconnecting Fathers & Families

Children From Fatherless Homes More Likely To:

•      05 times more likely to commit suicide

•      32 times more likely to run away

•      20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders

•      14 times more likely to commit rape

•      09 times more likely to drop out of school

•      10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances

•      09 times more likely to end up in a state operated institution

•      20 times more likely to end up in prison